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Eureka Math Tutors

Eureka provides nyc students with

engaging 1-on-1 Math Tutoring

and effective Test Prep Review.

Private Math Tutoring

in NYC

Math Instruction

Test Prep Review

Computer Coding

At Eureka, our Math tutors provide a completely unique approach to private tutoring. By incorporating visual learning methods and fun hands on teaching tools, every student can improve their Math skills and stay ahead in school.

Stay prepared for all your Math related admissions and standardized exams. Whether your looking to brush up on your Math skills for the Regents, ISEE, SHSAT, SAT, ACT, or GRE our experienced tutors will help you study smarter.

Learn the basics of computer programming and video game design. Using geometry, algebra, probability, and logic, students can recreate the games they love to play, like Mario and Angry Birds all using Math.

Math Assessments
Personalized Learning
Progress Tracking

Every student starts by taking a customized Math assessment in order to understand their individual learning needs.

Our tutors then design a personalized learning plan to address the specific Math topics your child needs help in.

Through each tutoring session, our Math tutors track students' progress and set new Math learning goals for them.

The Eureka Way

Common Core Math

All of our innovative Math curriculum is NYC Common Core Aligned, which means our tutors are constantly updated in all Math teaching standards.

Hands on Learning STEM

At Eureka we incorporate a unique combination of visual learning methods, hands on teaching tools, and real-word Math applications.

Expert Math Tutors

In addition to studying at the top universities, our tutors have extensive experience in Math tutoring and have passed all of our rigorous Math screenings.

Custom Math Lessons

Every 1-on-1 tutoring session is customized to address each student's individual Math skills. Math lessons and curriculum are prepared well in advance.

In Home Math Tutoring

Families can have busy schedules, which is why our Math tutors make an effort to travel to each student's home

at their time convenience.

Affordable Tutor Rates

We strive to make our tutor rates as affordable as possible, so every family can afford a high quality Math education and private tutoring service.

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